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Why use orderlocally?

There has been a seismic shift in consumer shopping behaviour. The COVID-19 pandemic has, and will, change shopping patterns for ever as consumers look for safer ways to shop and for ways to become integrated with their local community again.

It is important as a retailer, more than ever, to have multiple online strategies.  Our focus at orderlocally is on driving more customers to your store by handling the online marketing & promotion.  You don’t have to create your own fancy website or online store; just the desire to increase your business’ visibility and presence is needed, and we will do the rest.

We will help you increase your business’ exposure to new customers and assist in generating more sales.
List your products and gain exposure in your community – it’s a win/win situation!

Boost your sales

Our focus is on driving more customers to local stores by handling the online marketing & promotion. Thereby increasing your business' exposure to new customers and generating more sales.

No sale, no fee

No monthly subscription fees. No hidden costs!
PLUS! Setup fees of $99 have been waived for 2020.
Check the fee table below for the details.

Your products, your money

Your business. Your products. Your money! We believe in supporting local business, that’s why you will receive your payment directly into your bank account. No fuss, no delays.

Our fees

Free signup and setup for 2020! No sale, no fees! What have you got to lose?

FREE setup & signup

NO monthly fee

NO setup fee for 2020

 * One time setup fee 2021: $99

Processing fee


1.75% + A$0.30 – for domestic cards

2.9% + A$0.30 – for international cards

Commission fee

5% per sale

Current conditions require innovative solutions

Owners create your store

  • Online in 1 day
  • No setup fees for 2020
  • No subscription fees EVER!
  • 5% commission fee
  • Increased market reach
  • App to manage your store

We have created a solution to support our local businesses.

Another sales channel for your business

Shoppers download the app

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • In app notifications
  • Email & text alerts
  • Expand your online market
  • Set delivery & pickup options
  • Prepaid orders


orderlocally keeps you connected to your customers.