Mobile Shopping
Shopping at your fingertips, numerous cuisines, various restaurants easy ordering. This article will teach you how.
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Reading Time: 6 mins

Getting to know the App

How to use the orderlocally App

Download App – go to the app store on your phone, tap search down the bottom right, search orderlocally, then scroll down the screen until you see the image shown below. Then download the app by tapping the GET button.
Sign Up – open the app and follow the instructions to sign up.  Tap the Sign up button, enter your details and tap Sign up. This will then take you through to the orderlocally marketplace.

Choose Delivery or Click + Collect – you will automatically land on Delivery as default.  In the top of your screen you will see two tabs Delivery and Click + Collect.  This will determine what shops you are able to view.  If the tab is Delivery, you will only be able to view stores that have delivery as an option available in your area.  Click + Collect will show all stores.

Allow notifications and click locate me – Make sure you allow notifications and then click the orange button at the top of the app that says locate me, this will locate your address so the marketplace can customise the shops in your menu to your specific location.  If you click the address bar at the top of the screen you can also add your home address for quick adding later on when you place an order.
Choose the business category – All Stores will be selected as the default option, if you choose to be more specific, you can choose a business category. For example; if you just wanted to search for butchers or deli food.  You could choose one of these categories and it would filter out all other shops that don’t serve these products.
Food service category

Choose the shop – Using your finger scroll down the page to find a shop that you are interested in purchasing from.  Then tap on the shop you wish to browse.  Their menu will appear, each store is different, most stores will first show you different categories, choose a category such as Gourmet Burgers, Fries or Fried Chicken, then their menu will appear.

Entering customer
Add products to cart and checkout – Browse the products and tap the Add + button on the item you wish to purchase. Choose any additional options that you would like and then tap Add to Cart at the bottom of the page.  You can continue to purchase more fries or other products and add them to your cart.  When you have finished adding products, tap on the Checkout button at the bottom of the page showing in orange.

Customer details – choose Delivery or Click + Collect, then fill out your details.  These will be saved after your first order.  Then tap Proceed to pay.

Promotional code or referral code – if you have a referral code or promotional code, tap the button under Promos that says Add a Promo/Referral Code.  Enter the code and tap Apply, this will be added to your order.

Pay – under payment method click Add Card.  Then fill out your credit or debit card details and tap Submit.  Then down the bottom of the page using your finger swipe the Pay button across the screen to place your order.

Wait for food or pick up – Depending on the individual shops they might have takeaway or delivery.  If Delivery, enter your address and sit down and relax. If you choose Click + Collect drive down to the shop and pick-up your delicious food.
Review and refer – Give us a review on your experience on the site and let your friends know so we can continue to support our local businesses together.

To get your personalised referral code to send to friends.  Simply tap on the 3 lines up in the top left hand corner of the app.  This will produce a drop down menu, then tap Refer and Earn.  Copy your discount code and share it via text, facebook, twitter, whatsapp. Your friend receives $5 off their first order when they spend $50 or more and once they have placed their first order you will receive $5 off your next order of $50 or more.

If you have any questions about using the platform please feel free to contact us either through messenger on facebook or email