We are orderlocally.

About orderlocally

orderlocally has been created in response to the growing need for communities to come together to help support and sustain local businesses. The idea had been brewing for a while, but when the unprecedented spread of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and all parts of Australia, we realised that we had to provide an alternative online shopping solution for businesses and customers as quickly as possible.

When you sign up to orderlocally, either as a customer or as a supplier, you are helping assist a fellow community member – the person who lives down the street, or a member of your church, or someone you greet in the park.

Through orderlocally we hope to be able to provide a solution that will help boost the local economy, assist in growing sustainable initiatives and help our fellow neighbours with convenient access to goods and services.

Who we are

Brad Legassick - Business Consultant

I have spent the past 16 years consulting to hospitality venues. My area of expertise is inventory control & the ordering process.

The initial concept for an ordering platform was hatched back in 2010 when I worked on the development of an ordering portal for the FMCG/Hospitality industry.

Fast forward 10 years: The Global Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with faster ubiquitous internet, motivated me to launch the orderlocally marketplace.

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Jason Rawlings - Business Consultant

I’ve been a Senior Auditor at Sculpture Hospitality for the past 3½ years consulting to hospitality venues.

My bachelor of Business in Financial Planning and experience working in the finance  & hospitality industries has provided me with the knowledge & skills to launch the new online market with Brad.

orderlocally provides the opportunity for households to shop from their trusted suppliers in one central online location.


“Our goal is to ensure the support of local businesses and provide their customers with convenient access to goods and services”