Bored? Here are 9 activities you can do from home to keep you energised and busy during isolation.
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Reading Time: 7 mins

9 Activities you can do while Isolated

1. Create a restaurant at home – recently i saw a post from a friend on facebook.  He had dressed up in a tux and created a restaurant at home. He cooked a special dinner for his family, properly set up the table to look like a restaurant, had music playing in the background and pretended to be a waiter serving the food.  It looked like everyone had a great time and I thought, what an excellent idea.  We need to be doing things to not only break the boredom, but to have some fun at the same time.  What better way than to also serve your family.

Alternatively if you don’t like cooking, like myself.  You can create the table setting, put the music on and order from your favorite local restaurant via orderlocally and serve a proper restaurant experience.

2. Cooking – if you enjoy cooking, there is a website that we love called They have amazing recipes that taste delicious and are quite easy to make.
3. Take dance lessons – before my wedding, my wife and I watched a number of youtube videos and taught ourselves how to dance from home.  My wife especially enjoyed the time together and we got to have some fun and exercise at the same time.
4. Learn a new skill – You can pretty much teach yourself anything you have ever wanted to learn on youtube or through udemy, why not take the time to learn a new skill like guitar, or upskill by doing an online marketing course, cooking course or whatever your heart desires. Tafe is also putting out some free micro upskilling courses to check out.
5. Launch a new business – launching a business takes a lot of preparation time, use this time to do your prep work.
6. Bake – If you have a sweet tooth you can bake, of course the only problem is that without getting out of the house you have to eat all those goodies you bake, so make sure you are exercising at the same time.
7. Exercise – do some stretches, go for a walk, do some activities in your backyard with the kids, anything to move that body and get those beautiful endorphins moving through your system.  You will feel much better with some exercise.
8. Spend time with your family – while we will all admit the current situation isn’t ideal.  There are positives, many of us probably would not rest unless we were forced to, this can lead to people being burned out and stressed.  Take some time to rest during this time off, rest, recover and rejuvenate, spend quality time with your family, you may never have this opportunity again to spend as much time with your family as you do now.  Make the most of it, if you have kids, spend time with them.
9. Do all those items on your to do list around the house – if you are like me, I have a list as long as my arm of things that need to be done around the house.  How amazing it would be to end the isolation with your to do list fully checked off and free to focus back on work.

Comment below what other activities you have found enjoyable and entertaining while in isolation.